Valentines Tot Tuesday

One cold morning in Yokosuka Japan, a bunch of cold little toddlers came into USO Yokosuka with their parents to attend Tot Time! This Tot Time program was to celebrate the month of LOVE. Our awesome volunteers led this program from start to finish. One volunteer, Rebecca had thought of a cute “Punch for the Prize” game. The kids punched through tissue paper and won a toy or a fruit snack! She also led the kids in some fun and whimsical songs. The children all participated with singing along and doing the hand motions. Our other volunteer, Alicia created this beautiful Valentine’s Day banner that the children posed in front of, for a mini photo shoot. After the games and songs were done, the children crafted up some valentines for relatives who are deployed or live back stateside. When all was said and done, the kids were able to have Valentine’s cupcake treat. USO Yokosuka loves having Tot Time for the kids of CFAY! We love being another social outlet for the kids and parents to have.

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