Southern Style TGI-Food-Night at USO Iwakuni

On February 24, USO Iwakuni hosted it’s first TGI-Food-Night event. This event took place on the MCAS Iwakuni Chapel, where the staff and volunteers served Southern Foods. The Iwakuni community enjoyed fried catfish, pulled pork sliders, baked chicken wings, macaroni and cheese, baked beans, deviled eggs, and delicious southern desserts all cooked by the Iwakuni staff and volunteers. Coca-Cola products were provided during this event. One of USO Japan’s sponsors, AU, came out to help set up with the event, and even provided entertainment during the TGI Food event. Everyone left with a full belly and smiles throughout the event. Thank you to our sponsors for the support you provide, and also, thank you to our volunteers who set time aside to volunteer selflessly for others!

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